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Local Court Rules, On-line Edition
Effective April 26, 2012

Download a complete copy of the Local Rules.


    1. CV-1   Scope of Rules
    2. CV-3   Commencement of Action
      1. Civil Cover Sheet
      2. Habeas Corpus and Motions Pursuant to 28 U.S.C. § 2255
      3. Motions to Stay Execution of State Court Judgments
    3. CV-5   Service and Filings of Pleadings and other Papers
    4. CV-5.2   Documents Filed Under Seal
    5. CV-6   Computing Time
    6. CV-7   Pleadings Allowed; Forms of Motions
      1. Generally
      2. Leave to File
      3. Dispositive Motion Defined
      4. Motions
      5. Responses
      6. Replies
      7. Proposed Orders
      8. Oral Hearings
      9. Conference Required
      10. Claims for Attorney's Fees
    7. CV-10   Form of Pleadings
    8. CV-16   Pretrial Conferences; Scheduling; Management
    9. CV-23   Class Actions
    10. CV-26   General Provisions Governing Discovery
      1. Relief
      2. Definitions and Rules of Construction
      3. Protective Orders
      4. Authentication of Documents
    11. CV-30   Depositions Upon Oral Examination
      1. Notice
      2. Procedures, Examinations, and Objections
      3. Videotaped and Audiotaped Depositions
    12. CV-33   Interrogatories to Parties
    13. CV-36   Requests for Admissions
    14. CV-54   Costs
    15. CV-55   Failure to Obtain Default Judgment
    16. CV-65   Injunctions
    17. CV-65.1   Security; Proceedings Against Sureties)
    18. CV-67   Deposit and Disbursement of Registry Funds
    19. CV-72   Magistrate Judges, Pretrial Matters
    20. CV-79   Removal and Destruction of Records and Exhibits
    21. CV-88   Alternative Dispute Resolution
      1. ADR Methods Available
      2. ADR Report
      3. Referral to ADR
      4. Attendance; Authority to Settle
      5. Fees
      6. Disqualification
      7. Relief from Referral
      8. Confidentiality
      9. Final ADR Report
      10. Sanctions

    1. CR-1   (Scope and Applicability of Rules)
    2. CR-5A   (Pretrial Services Interview, Report and Supervision of Confidential Informants)
    3. CR-5B   (Initial Appearance of Undocumented Alien Detained as Material Witness)
    4. CR-6   (The Grand Jury) (DELETED)
    5. CR-6A   (The Grand Jury)
    6. CR-6B   (Division In Which Indictment May Be Presented and Filed)
    7. CR-12   (Pretrial Motions)
    8. CR-15   (Depositions) (DELETED)
    9. CR-15A   (Deposition of Witness Other Than Material Witness)
    10. CR-15B   (Deposition and Release of Material Witness in Custody)
    11. CR-16   (Discovery and Inspection)
    12. CR-17.1   (Marking of Exhibits)
    13. CR-18   (Place of Trial Within District)
    14. CR-24   (Trial Jurors)
    15. CR-32   (Sentence and Judgment)
    16. CR-45   (Computing Time)
    17. CR-46   (Supervision of Confidential Informants; Reports of Detained Material Witnesses)
    18. CR-47   (Motions and Responses)
    19. CR-49   (Serving and Filing Papers)
    20. CR-55   (Records)
    21. CR-58   (Magistrate Judges)
    22. CR-61   Please see CR-58 for Forfeiture of Collateral in Lieu of Appearance
    23. Appendix "F"   (Amended Information for Counsel Appointed Under the Criminal Justice Act) (DELETED)

    1. AT-1   (Admission of Attorneys)
    2. AT-2   (Local Counsel)
    3. AT-3   (Withdrawal of Attorney)
    4. AT-4   (Standards for Pretrial Conduct)
    5. AT-5   (Standards for Conduct Before the Judge and Jury)
    6. AT-6   (Publicity and Trial Management)
    7. AT-7   (Discipline of Attorneys)
    8. AT-8   (Qualified Law Students and Unlicensed Law School Graduates)
    9. AT-9   (Change of Address)

    1. APPENDIX A   Information Required - Motion for Class Action Certification
    2. APPENDIX B   Scheduling Order
    3. APPENDIX B-1   Notice of Right to Consent to Trial by Magistrate Judge
    4. APPENDIX C   Local Rules for the Assignment of Duties to United States Magistrate Judges
    5. APPENDIX D   DELETED, December 2, 2011
    6. APPENDIX D-1   DELETED, December 2, 2011
    7. APPENDIX E   Application for Admission to Practice in the Western District of Texas
    8. APPENDIX F   DELETED, December 1, 2002
    9. APPENDIX G   DELETED, December 2, 2011
    10. APPENDIX H   Protective Order
    11. APPENDIX I   Guidelines for Non-stenographic Deposition
    12. APPENDIX J   Notice Regarding Complaints of Judicial Misconduct or Disability
    13. APPENDIX K   Plan for Prompt Disposition of Criminal Cases Pursuant to the Speedy Trial Act of 1974, 18 U.S.C. § 3165(e)(3)
    14. APPENDIX L   Local Court Rules of the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Western District of Texas
    15. APPENDIX M   Adoption of the Texas Lawyer's Creed