Local Court Rules

Effective April 26, 2012

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Local Rules - Civil (Click to View)
a. CV-1 - Scope of Rules
b. CV-3 - Commencement of Action
c. CV-5 - Service and Filings of Pleadings and other Papers
d. CV-5.2 - Documents Filed Under Seal
e. CV-6 - Computing Time
f. CV-7 - Pleadings Allowed; Forms of Motions
g. CV-10 - Form of Pleadings
h. CV-16 - Pretrial Conferences; Scheduling; Management
i. CV-23 - Class Actions
j. CV-26 - General Provisions Governing Discovery
k. CV-30 - Depositions Upon Oral Examination
l. CV-33 - Interrogatories to Parties
m. CV-36 - Requests for Admissions
n. CV-54 - Costs
o. CV-55 - Failure to Obtain Default Judgment
p. CV-65 - Injunctions
q. CV-65.1 - Security; Proceedings Against Sureties
r. CV-67 - Deposit and Disbursement of Registry Funds
s. CV-72 - Magistrate Judges, Pretrial Matters
t. CV-79 - Removal and Destruction of Records and Exhibits
u. CV-88 - Alternative Dispute Resolution
Local Rules - Criminal (Click to View)
a. CR-1 - Scope and Applicability of Rules
b. CR-5A - Pretrial Services Interview, Report and Supervision of Confidential Informants
c. CR-5B - Initial Appearance of Undocumented Alien Detained as Material Witness
d. CR-6A - The Grand Jury
e. CR-6B - Division In Which Indictment May Be Presented and Filed
f. CR-12 - Pretrial Motions
g. CR-15A - Deposition of Witness Other Than Material Witness
h. CR-15B - Deposition and Release of Material Witness in Custody
i. CR-16 - Discovery and Inspection
j. CR-17.1 - Marking of Exhibits
k. CR-18 - Place of Trial Within District
l. CR-24 - Trial Jurors
m. CR-32 - Sentence and Judgment
n. CR-45 - Computing Time
o. CR-46 - Supervision of Confidential Informants; Reports of Detained Material Witnesses
p. CR-47 - Motions and Responses
q. CR-49 - Serving and Filing Papers
r. CR-55 - Records
s. CR-58 - Magistrate Judges
Local Rules - Attorney (Click to View)
AT-1 - Admission of Attorneys
AT-2 - Local Counsel
AT-3 - Withdrawal of Attorney
AT-4 - Standards for Pretrial Conduct
AT-5 - Standards for Conduct Before the Judge and Jury
AT-6 - Publicity and Trial Management
AT-7 - Discipline of Attorneys
AT-8 - Qualified Law Students and Unlicensed Law School Graduates
AT-9 - Change of Address
Local Rules - Appendicies (Click to View)
APPENDIX A - Information Required, Motion for Class Action Certification
APPENDIX B - Scheduling Order
APPENDIX B-1 - Notice of Right to Consent to Trial by Magistrate Judge
APPENDIX C - Local Rules for the Assignment of Duties to United States Magistrate Judges
APPENDIX E-1 - Application for Admission to Practice in the Western District of Texas
APPENDIX E-2 - Application for Admission to Practice in the Western District of Texas - Del Rio Only
APPENDIX H - Protective Order
APPENDIX I - Guidelines for Non-stenographic Deposition
APPENDIX J - Notice Regarding Complaints of Judicial Misconduct or Disability
APPENDIX K - Plan for Prompt Disposition of Criminal Cases Pursuant to the Speedy Trial Act of 1974, 18 U.S.C. § 3165(e)(3)
APPENDIX L - Local Court Rules of the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Western District of Texas
Appendix M - Adoption of the Texas Lawyer's Creed
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