Helpful Links

Required Judicial Disclosures (Click to View)
Organizations Offering Legal Services (Click to View)

Family Violence Legal Line
1-800-347-HOPE (Statewide access) (Toll Free)

Family Law Hotline
1-800-777-FAIR (Statewide access) (Toll Free)

Sexual Assault Legal Hotline
1-888-296-SAFE (Statewide access) (Toll Free)

AIDS Information Line
1-800-299-2437 (Toll Free)
1-800-252-8012 (TDD) (Toll Free)

Advocacy, Inc.
1-800-880-2884 (Toll Free)
Disability-related issues, including access and discrimination

Legal Hotline for Older Texans
815 Brazos, Suite 1100
Austin, Texas 78701
1-800-622-2520 (Toll Free)
(For Texas residents – 60 years or older)
(Advice and referral only)

State Bar of Texas
Lawyer Referral Information Service
1-800-252-9690 or 1-877-9TEXBAR (Toll Free)

Attorney General’s Office
Consumer Protection 1-800-621-0508 (Toll Free)
Child Support Division 512-460-6000

Texas Civil Right Project
512-474-5073 (Austin)

Texas RioGrande Legal Aid
Free Legal Services and Referrals for Farm Workers and Indigent Residents of Central, South, and West Texas
Apply by Calling Toll Free: 1-888-988-9996
Texas RioGrande Legal Aid

Legal Aid Society of Central Texas
512-441-9487 (TDD)

Technical Advocacy Hotline
1-888-325-SAFE (Statewide access) (Toll Free)

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