Electronic Submission For Pro Se Filers

Electronic Submission

This electronic dropbox is to be used by filers who:

  • Are not authorized to file electronically,
  • Are attempting to file pleadings in a sealed matter,
  • Are attempting to file pleadings on our list of events that should not be filed electronically,
  • Are directed by the court to file using this program.

This dropbox is not to be used by filers who:

  • Are authorized to file electronically but are experiencing technical difficulties, unless directed by the court,
  • Are attorneys not admitted to practice in The Western District of Texas,

Key requirements:

  • All pleadings must comply with the Federal Rules of Civil and Criminal Procedure and the Local Court Rules.
  • Service of pleadings filed in the drop box must be performed by the filing party.
  • Filing documents containing frivolous or malicious content will not be allowed.
  • The filer must include contact information for the court, should it be needed. This should consist of both an email address and phone number.

All pleadings submitted herein must adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Include the case number, style of case (John Doe vs. Jane Doe), and place of filing on the top of the first page. Examples of how pleadings should be presented to the court are included in the pro se manual below.
  • A name or title must be given to each document you are filing. Please include the information on the front page of the each document.
  • Documents must be complete and in pdf format. Please do not upload a multi-page document as individual pages.

For pro se filers needing to open a new cause of action in The Western District of District, please contact the appropriate divisional office for further instructions. A listing of phone numbers can be found under the Court Info tab. Use the appropriate link below to file in the correct division:

  • File in the Austin Division
  • File in the Del Rio Division
  • File in the El Paso Division
  • File in the Midland Division
  • File in the Pecos Division
  • File in the San Antonio Division
  • File in the Waco Division

Please direct all questions to the CM/ECF help desk email: txwd_ecf_help@txwd.uscourts.gov or visit our website www.txwd.uscourts.gov, for more information.