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The Administrative Policies and Procedures for Electronic Filing in Civil and Criminal Cases document has been updated effective June 24, 2021.pdf

This document is available here.


Please note that you may e-file at any time, but CM/ECF support (ECF Support Desk) is only offered Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. CST, excluding court holidays. No after hours support is available. When relevant, please include the Case Number and the Judge’s initials in the Subject: line of all e-mails to the court.

Registering for an Individual PACER Account
CM/ECF requires a PACER – Case Search Only account to view and/or file documents in the system. Learn how to register for a PACER account at: Registering for an Individual PACER Account.

Upgrading a Legacy PACER Account
If you already have a PACER account and you have not performed the Upgrade when our Court moved to NextGen, go to the following page to learn how to do this at: Upgrading a Legacy PACER Account.

Linking PACER and ECF Accounts
Efilers must complete a one-time procedure to activate filing privileges. This involves linking the PACER and ECF Account. Once the accounts are successfully linked, e-filers must use their PACER username and password to file documents with the Court. To learn more about how to perform this link, go the following page at:Linking PACER and ECF Accounts.

CM/ECF Help Desk.

Attorneys and other recipients the attorney has designated to receive e-mail notices are sent e-mail using the bcc (blind carbon copy) address field. The e-mail will be addressed to “” and the e-mail will be from ““. Attorneys must ensure these addresses are not blocked or marked as spam. Attorneys are also responsible for ensuring their e-mail box does not become full and cause e-mail notices to be rejected.

Please note that some of the files available are VERY large and may take several minutes to download to your computer, depending upon your internet connection.


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Privacy Policy

In accordance with the E-Government Act of 2002, and in order to promote electronic access to case files while also protecting personal privacy, rules providing protection for case file records took effect on December 1, 2007.

Parties should either exclude sensitive information in any documents filed with the court, or partially redact such sensitive information where inclusion is necessary and relevant to the case. All filers are encouraged to reference the Amended Privacy Policy and Public Access to Electronic Files, which details the rules of this court regarding redaction of personal identifiers.


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