Federal Records Center Information

The Federal Records Center (FRC) stores case files that have been closed for more than two years and has court of appeals cases from the 5th Circuit in New Orleans available for viewing. However, the FRC does not accept fax or mail requests for appeals cases.

Call the FRC at (817) 334-5515 if you have any questions regarding the services they provide.

Required Information

The FRC cannot process any request without the following information:

  • FRC accession number;
  • FRC location number;
  • Agency box number;
  • Case number;
  • Case Style;
  • City where court is located;

This information can be obtained by contacting the U.S. District Clerk’s Office where the case was closed.

Requests For Copies

Requests for copies of case file information must be made in writing and submitted by mail or fax. Requests by phone will not be accepted. Requests by fax should be sent on the approved form. Please see the attached link for the request form for civil cases or criminal cases. Requests by mail should be sent to:

Federal Records Center
Attn: National Archives Trust Fund
P.O. Box 6216
Fort Worth, Texas 76115

Web Site:   The National Archives, Southwest Region, Fort Worth

You should receive your copies 2-3 days after the FRC receives your request. All courier expenses are the requestor’s responsibility. A fee of $7.50 is charged for Federal Express shipments or you may provide a Federal Express account number.

If you are requesting fewer than 70 pages, you may make your request for documents and/or receive your documents by fax. The FRC‘s fax number is (817) 334-5630. Please allow 1-2 days to receive your copies. Payment must be made using Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover only. Copies returned by fax cannot be certified.

Request Options

You may choose from the following options when requesting documents/files from the FRC. Copy charges are included in the flat fee.

Option Fee
Fees are subject to change
Criminal Packet II *
Certified, returned by mail
Criminal Packet I *
Non-certified, returned by fax/mail
Entire Civil Case File II
Certified, returned by mail
Entire Civil Case File I
Non-certified, returned by fax/mail
Entire Criminal Case File II
Certified, returned by mail
Entire Criminal Case File I
Non-certified, returned by fax/mail

If your request exceeds 70 pages, you can make an appointment to view the file at the FRC or have it copied at $.50/page and have the copies mailed to you. You may also pay a $45.00 fee and have it sent to the U.S. District Clerk’s Office.

* NOTE: Packets include indictment and judgment/commitment order or judgment/sentencing order.

For large cases (i.e., more than one box), a docket sheet must be included with the request.

Payment Methods

The FRC accepts checks/money orders (payable to National Archives Trust Fund), Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. Do not send cash. You may pay with cash at the FRC, but you must have the exact amount. The FRC cannot make change.

Directions to Federal Records Center

The Federal Records Center is located in Building 1 of the Federal Center, 501 W. Felix Street, which is approximately six miles south of downtown Fort Worth and one-half mile west of I-35W.

  • Take the Felix Street exit from I-35W and go west approximately one-half mile. The Federal Center is located on the south side of the street (to your left).
  • OR

  • From I-20, take the Hemphill Street exit and go north to the light at Hemphill and Felix streets. Turn right on Felix Street from Hemphill Street. The gate to the Federal Center is located immediately on your right after the turn.

Stop at the front guard gate to obtain a pass that should be placed on the dash of your car. You will need to show your drivers license and proof of insurance to the guard. Return the gate pass at the gate when you exit the facility.

Once you are in the Federal Center, the Federal Records Center building (Building 1) is located at the end of the first street to your left. Free parking is available across the street. The sign showing which entrance to be used for court appointments is located on the front lawn as you face the building.

Please sign in at the front desk and inform the receptionist that you wish to view a court case that has been pulled for you.

You also need to sign out when you leave the building.

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