Motion To Appear Pro Hac Vice

File Motion to Appear Pro Hac Vice traditionally (by paper) in the case or the Motion can be e-filed by an attorney (who is admitted and associated with the case) on behalf of the attorney who is not admitted to the Western District of Texas. Please use one of the following forms:

  1. Austin Division Pro Hac Vice Motion and Order
  2. Pro Hac Vice Motion for all Divisions Except Austin

Enclose $100 filing fee made payable to “Clerk U.S. District Court” (if filed traditionally) or pay $100 filing fee by credit card (if e-filing).

For traditionally and electronically filed motions, affix original hand signature on Motion to Appear Pro Hac Vice (electronic signature is not accepted).

If the motion is granted, the attorney must:

  1. Submit CM/ECF Registration form with an original hand signature (electronic signature is not accepted).
  2. Mail form to the address located at the bottom of the form, or
  3. Email copy of form to the CM/ECF Help Desk. (Original must be sent via U.S. mail)

CM/ECF login and password will be issued once motion is granted and CM/ECF Registration form is received.

This page links to PDF files. Use this link to download Adobe Reader, if needed.