Upgrading a Legacy PACER Account

Only e-filers with upgraded PACER accounts can successfully access ECF after August 1, 2022.

To determine the version of your account:

    1.  Access the PACER login page.
    2. Enter your current PACER Username and Password.
      • If you forgot your PACER username or password, you may request a reset from the Manage My Account page by selecting Forgot Your Password? Or Forgot Username?.
    3. Your Account Type identifies your current PACER Account version.

If your current PACER Account Type displays as Legacy PACER Account, follow the below steps to upgrade your account:

  1. Select Upgrade next to Account Type.
  2. Follow onscreen prompts to update/enter all necessary information in each tab including:
    • For User Type select INDIVIDUAL then select Next.
    • Complete the Address section. Select Next.
    • Enter a username and password at the Security screen.
    • You can reuse your original username and password only if they meet the new requirements.
    • Select Submit.
  3. Your PACER Account is now upgraded. The following confirmation screen appears.
  4. For all questions regarding this process, please contact PACER at 1-800-676-6856.