Upgrade to CM/ECF Scheduled for the Western District of Texas

The United States District Court for the Western District of Texas will be upgrading its case management software to the Next Generation (commonly called NextGen) of ECF during the weekend of July 29-31, 2022.  Beginning Monday, August 1, 2022attorneys will be required to log in to ECF through a PACER account to file documents.  

All attorney information concerning actions to be taken are posted on the “Attorney Guidance for Access to NextGen” page.

Attorneys need to obtain (or upgrade) their individual PACER accounts 

To obtain a new PACER account or upgrade an existing PACER account to meet requirements for NextGen, please visit www.pacer.gov.  Shared PACER accounts can no longer be used by filing attorneys as of August 1, 2022 

Attorneys need to know their current ECF login and password to upgrade

If you have an individual PACER account to upgrade, you must have your CM/ECT account information. If you do not know your login or password, please use the password reset feature from the ECF login page.